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Rug Cleaning London

Rug CleaningIf you have some valuable rug you need cleaned, you can use our rug cleaning services to provide you with successful cleaning without damaging the fabrics of your rug. The cleaning our staff will apply depends on the fabrics of your rug, its age and dyes. We use only natural and protective cleaning solutions and never apply harsh chemicals. Rugs gather a lot of hairs, allergens, dust mites and dirt. An ordinary vacuum cleaning won’t provide your rug with the necessary cleaning procedure. Regular and professional rug cleaning extends the life of your rugs and guarantees the cleanness of your floor coverings.

The procedure of our rug cleaning includes repeated cycles of washing your rugs with the most appropriate cleaning solutions and rinsing them, using special rug drying machines. This process is repeated until the water becomes clean and there is no more dirty stains and marks left on the rug. Your rug will be clean and its colours will be kept bright. There will be no bleaching and fading of the colours and no shrinkage of your rugs.

Rug Cleaners London

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The process of rug cleaning we apply includes:

  • Pre-washing inspection to determine the condition of your rug, its fabrics, the dyes it has to choose the most appropriate cleaning methods and detergents
  • Dusting of the rug to remove visible dirt and soiling, using vibrating dusters
  • Wet cleaning, depending on the type of your rug: after determining the durability of the colours, choosing the most appropriate wet cleaning procedure
  • Drying: leaving the rug even to dry out
  • Separate washing of the fringe work and drying them
  • Grooming of the rugs with a horsehair brush and final rolling them to be ready for transportation

The wet cleaning process starts with testing the durability of the dyes of your rugs. If they easily fade and loose colours, they will be bathed in vinegar to make their colours resistant during the wet cleaning process. Then the rug will be cleaned with cool water and soft shampoo for rugs, using mellow brushes. Your rug will be soaked for a while to let the shampoo work. The time of the soaking depends on the level of contamination of the rug. The final step will be rinsing of the rug.

Whether your rug is made of silk, wool, mixture of fabrics or other fabrics, the cleaning process will differ. After we do the proper rug cleaning, your rug will be perfectly clean, keeping its bright and vivid colours for long.